Hi there 👋
I'm Jake Rullman

Systems Development Engineer at Amazon Web Services

I'm an engineer living in Seattle, Washington.

From a young age, I have been incredibly passionate about technology and how it can help others.

In lieu of college, I joined Amazon Web Services when I was nineteen. In the past six years, I have worked on several products, including AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, and now AWS Outposts.

Outside of work, I try to find time for not-for-profit endeavors, primarily tackling internet censorship. By developing freely accessible networks and software, people worldwide — including those in China, Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia — are able to circumvent the repressive governments that seek to silence them by restricting their fundamental right to access the open internet.

I was a Google Glass Explorer (remember those?) and worked on a number of projects ranging from creating apps for assisting the deaf and hearing-impaired to developing systems designed for the U.S. Military.

My hobbies are always changing and evolving, but it's safe to say that many of them tend to involve voiding warranties.